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Testimonials from EKOGA Members

Bob Eberhart 
Bobcat Oilfield Services, Inc.

"EKOGA represents the unique interests of Eastern Kansas oil producers in the state legislature as well as regulatory agencies such as the Kansas Corporation Commission.  


For example, EKOGA worked with the Division of Property Valuation at the Kansas Department of Revenue to properly value of our equipment such as pulling units, drilling rigs, pump jacks and tank batteries.   Without this partnership, Eastern Kansas oil producers would have had to pay much higher taxes based upon values of larger equipment typically used Western Kansas.  


I would encourage every oil and gas producer in Eastern Kansas to join EKOGA today to make sure your business is represented by people that understand the challenges that we face everyday.  These are folks that work and live in our area and know what it is like to be a small business owner."

Kirk Vietti ​

​Blue Top Crude Oil Co., Inc.

"With being fairly new to the business, EKOGA and its members have been very helpful in answering questions that I have had concerning various aspects of the oil business."


Doug Evans
D.E. Exploration, Inc.

"In my 30 years of business in Eastern Kansas oil and gas, EKOGA has never been more relevant as it fights for our political interests in Topeka and beyond.  In good times and bad, EKOGA is always there helping maintain a reasonable regulatory environment for small businesses like ours."


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