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About Us

Eastern Kansas Oil & Gas Association was founded in 1957 by a group of independent producers to promote the interests of oil and gas production in Eastern Kansas.  James O. Couch, James E. Guinotte, Dee A. Hampton, Gordon J. Willis, Carl Weiner, Sr., and Kenneth C. Keas were alarmed at the actions by the 1957 Kansas legislature and decided to do something about it.  Their example was shortly followed by other interested individuals which led to the establishment of the first nucleus of a group which became to be known as Eastern Kansas Oil & Gas Association.  The first grassroots meeting was attended by 96 people, including producers, service and supply people, royalty owners, refiners, and individuals of related businesses.

The purpose of the new organization was "to promote, further and enhance the interests of all segments of the oil and gas industry, in Eastern Kansas, including interests of royalty owners, and all other persons directly or indirectly affected by such operations.  To collect and disseminate information affecting the welfare and activities of all the oil and gas industry in Eastern Kansas..."

The first annual meeting was held in September of 1957.  There were approximately 400 members, with nearly 1,000 members the following year.  EKOGA has maintained its objectives, through the boom and bust years, of keeping producers in Eastern Kansas informed and employing a full-time lobbyist to represent the organization in Topeka.

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