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EPA Methane Webinar Recap

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September 27-28, 2023
Annual Meeting

Kansas Crossing Casino, 
Hampton Inn,
Memorial Auditorium
Pittsburg KS


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Mark Your Calendar!
EKOGA 66th Annual Meeting
September 27 & 28, 2023
Kansas Crossing Casino
Hampton Inn & Memorial Auditorium
Pittsburg KS



EKOGA's 66th Annual Meeting will be September 27-28 at the Kansas Crossing Casino, Hampton Inn & Memorial Auditorium in Pittsburg, KS. We are excited for the change of venue. We will still have the same great events: golf tournament, education sessions, tradeshow, live and silent auctions, and President's Banquet.

For your convenience, the full schedule and registration materials are available here

If you have any questions, please contact Judy ( or Kevin ( or by calling the EKOGA office at 620-431-1020.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Pittsburg on September 27 & 28. 

Mid Year at TopGolf

We had a terrific turnout at the Mid Year at Top Golf. As always, the KCC provided good information and members had the opportunity to address issues. The last-minute change of our speaker was a little nerve-racking for the staff, but Dan Meers, aka KC Wolf, did not disappoint. His story of how he became KC Wolfe, his life-changing accident, and his recovery was amazing. His optimism and joy for life were contagious. The afternoon of TopGolf play was relaxing and allowed ample time for everyone to connect with friends and business acquaintances. 

Thank you to all of our sponsors. Without them, we wouldn't be able to provide events like this and our annual meeting. 

Sponsors include:

Kansas Strong
CVR Energy
AltaVisa Energy
Ascent Midstream Partners
Colt Energy, Inc.

D.E. Exploration, Inc. 
Maclaskey Oilfield Services
Frick Energy Services
Hurricane Services
Oil Patch Pump & Supply
Verde Oil Company
Buckeye Corporation
GN Bank
Gressel Oil Field Service

Plains Marketing
Sunrise Oilfield Services
The Monarch Cement Company
Warhorse Petroleum

EPA Methane Proposal Brief

The EPA hosted a webinar Monday, November 14, 2022, regarding a supplemental proposal they say will help reduce methane emissions from oil and gas production across the United States. The supplemental proposal is a modification of their November 2021 proposal, which met with significant criticism from the industry. The EPA received over 470,000 written comments on the 2021 proposal.

The revised proposal implements more common sense into the rule by tailoring requirements to various sectors of the industry. Rather than a "one size fits all" remedy for methane release inspections, EPA is proposing monitoring requirements for four categories of well sites:

  • Single wellhead-only sites and small well sites would be required to conduct what are known as "AVO" (audio, visual and olfactory) inspections, where inspectors listen, look and smell for leaks. These inspections would be required quarterly.

  • Wellhead-only sites with two or more wellheads would be required to conduct quarterly AVO inspections and monitor every six months using OGI or EPA Method 21.

  • Sites with major production and processing equipment and centralized production facilities would be required to conduct bimonthly AVO inspections and monitor quarterly using OGI or EPA Method 21.

  • Well sites on the Alaska North Slope would have different monitoring schedules to account for weather.


Guidance from the EPA will also allow states to implement their own plans, subject to review and approval from the EPA.


There will be an additional session November 30,2022, to examine the plan as it relates to small businesses. The webinar will be held from 3PM-5PM Central time. Pre-registration is required. Sign up here.

Links to the full document, as well as the summary, may be found at the following links:

EPA Oil and Gas Supplemental Overview                     EPA's Supplemental Oil and Gas Proposal

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